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Our Search page now includes a tool to specify Poly Count for 3D models, giving customers the ability to search for low-polygon models within the parameters of their choice. The definitions of “low-poly” and “game-ready” change so frequently that it makes sense to allow customers to enter poly count ranges for their specific needs.

Why am I excited about this? Because the Poly Count search tool will lead to more artists getting CheckMate certified. CheckMate has always been open to low-poly 3D models, but some artists felt they had to put the words LOW POLY on their Signature Images so customers could find them. The new Poly Count search tool removes this concern, so low-poly models can have Signature Images that meet the CheckMate requirement of “no text on Signature Images”.

But most importantly, customers who have strict poly count budgets now have a tool for finding exactly what they need.

Comments 2

  1. This is good but it could brings more “textured boxes” models to CheckMate Pro. There are some models like this already.

  2. I think this is a good move,but the search result will give a lot of SubD models as lowpoly cause the specified polycount for them is from the base SubD 0 mesh which is frequently within the low poly range.
    It was better to have a checkbox to declare the product as low poly in the publisher imo.

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