Updates to CheckMate Specifications

Michele Bousquet 3D Modeling, CheckMate

We’ve been running CheckMate officially since August 4, and we’ve made a few updates to the specification based on feedback and submissions.  These aren’t major changes, but it’s important that you know about them to make your CheckMate submissions go as smoothly as possible.


Descriptions need to use correct spelling, grammar, punctuation and correct use of 3D product names like 3ds Max and V-Ray. Read More

Hi-Res 3D Model Preview Images

Michele Bousquet 3D Modeling, Site

In a few weeks we’re going to start allowing larger preview images for 3D models. Currently, preview images at TurboSquid are displayed at 400×400. With the new feature, thumbnails at the new standard size of 600×600 will appear in the product preview. A new HD (high-definition) viewer will display higher-resolution images, with 1200×1200 as the HD standard.

Below is the new design for the standard preview, with thumbnails displayed across the top and a horizontal scroll bar. Read More