TurboTips: Scene Optimizations & Best Practices, Part 4

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It is very easy to zone out and work away without thinking about your scene, naming, or organization. Before you know it, you have a few dozen cloned objects named Box#### or a Material Editor full of textures named # – Default, and if you take a break, you may not always remember what’s what, or what’s applied to where.

Our Turbo Tip of the week (and possibly of the year– this advice is that important!): keep things simple by naming and organizing as you go. Read More

CheckMate Pro v2 Specification: Objects in Layers

Michele Bousquet 3D Modeling, Artists, CheckMate, Industry News, TurboTips

Part of the CheckMate Pro v2 specification calls for objects to be placed in a named layer within the scene file. This helps customers a great deal when they merge your 3D model into a scene with many other models. Rather than having to search around for all the bits and pieces of your model, the customer can find everything easily within the named layer. Read More