TurboTips: Scene Optimizations & Best Practices, Part 2

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Navigation using the layer editor is something every artist should do, or at least know how to do; it’s a powerful tool when it comes to organizing a scene. The layer editor makes it quick to select objects and groups, and offers a variety of other controls. Layers are retained when importing or merging scenes together, so its important to understand how to organize them efficiently. Read More

CheckMate Pro v2 Specification: Objects in Layers

Michele Bousquet 3D Modeling, Artists, CheckMate, Industry News, TurboTips

Part of the CheckMate Pro v2 specification calls for objects to be placed in a named layer within the scene file. This helps customers a great deal when they merge your 3D model into a scene with many other models. Rather than having to search around for all the bits and pieces of your model, the customer can find everything easily within the named layer. Read More