Dashboard and Reports Upgrades

Chris Phillips 3D Modeling, Site

Today, we upgraded the Reports and Dashboard based on seller feedback.  Your feedback helps the site get better.  We have a lot of ideas, but you can direct us in the right way and point out things we might not see.  You can post suggestions in the forums, comment on this blog post,  or create support tickets to tell us what we should do. Read More

3D Model Spotlight – Halloween Edition

Paul Teall Featured Artists

In honor of Halloween, I’ve found a couple of fiendish looking models to shine the spotlight on.  These should help get you in the spirit!  First up, we’ve got a cool looking Haunted House from TurboSquid exclusive seller MDK Graphics:

Haunted House from MDK Graphics

Haunted House from MDK Graphics

This next model, from exclusive seller Kostas Yiatilis Macfarlane, would make a killer costume! Check out this awesome game-ready orc model:

Orc Model from Kostas Yiatilis Macfarlane

Orc Model from Kostas Yiatilis Macfarlane

Happy Halloween, everyone! Read More

Generating Wireframe Renders (for 3ds Max users)

Beau Perschall 3D Modeling

Hey all,

A common question at TurboSquid is how to better present your models to help increase sales. One quick way to help increase your potential audience is to include wireframe renders of your models. It may come as a surprise to you, but we have many clients who won’t even consider buying a model without having a sense of what the wireframe looks like so they can determine if the model meets their project’s needs. Read More

TurboSquid Affiliate Links – Part 2

Paul Teall 3D Modeling, Site

In Part 1 of my discussion on using the TurboSquid affiliate system, I talked about some of the basics involved in getting started with the program.  With Part 2, I’d like to discuss the SEO benefits that you can reap from using affiliate links.

Every time you link to one of your products or search result pages, you’re helping your search engine ranking for that page.  Google and the other search engines like links – link to your product, and Google moves that page up when someone searches on keywords that your page contains.  TurboSquid gets a LOT of traffic and business from customers who search for 3D products on Google. Read More

Emerging Markets at TurboSquid – SolidWorks

Michele Bousquet Site

At TurboSquid, our Marketing department is always looking for new ways to reach customers. Often, this outreach results in a completely new area of the marketplace, and opens up opportunities for sellers and customers alike. One example is the recent explosion of interest in SolidWorks models. SolidWorks, a NURBS-based program, has been used by engineers for many years to design engines, machine parts, tools, and the like. Read More

TurboSquid Affiliate Links – Part 1

Paul Teall 3D Modeling, Site

Did you know you could be making an additional 15-20% on each sale?  Making money even when your product isn’t the one purchased?


We launched an affiliate program in September, which gives you the opportunity to earn extra cash by linking back to TurboSquid.  In this post, I’m going to go over some of the basics involved with setting up affiliate links. Read More