TurboSquid Brings Virtual Surrealism to Surreal Salon 9

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Last Saturday night, TurboSquid was thrilled to take part in the 9th annual Surreal Salon at Baton Rouge Gallery, a national juried exhibition of pop-surrealist art. The show was juried by one of the most talented artists working within the pop-surrealism movement today, Greg “Craola” Simkins, and featured incredible surrealist works from around the world. Two Oculus Rift +Touch room-scale …

Geo-Baking in VR

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VR can strain even the most capable GPUs. Solid optimization of 3D models is critical for VR, but some common performance hacks can look terrible when viewed stereoscopically. Prime offender: baking geometry into textures. It’s a tempting poly-reduction ploy, but not always ideal. Check out Geo-Baking in VR on our training site, Squid.io, for all you need to know.

Your VR Spending Spree Is Not Quite Over

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With the recent news that HTC is now shipping its Vive headsets within 72 hours of an order being placed, the time is right to get into some detail about setup, and recommended accessories to round out your VR space.