Best Practices: Floating Signature Images

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Now that we have a new off-white background on the Search page, you have an opportunity to really make your product stand out. With a Signature Image rendered against a RGB 247,247,247 background, your thumbnails will appear to “float” on the page.

Of course, the floating trick works only if the image shows the entire model, and neither the model nor its shadow bleeds off the edge of the image. Read More

3D Modeling Standards: Real-World Scale

Michele Bousquet 3D Modeling

With regard to scale, a digital 3D model is a funny thing. If the file says the building is 3 meters tall, the model renders the same as if it were 300 meters tall (unless the scene uses scale-sensitive lighting, but most scenes don’t). Scale becomes important only when you merge the 3D model into a scene, a very common practice with TurboSquid customers. Read More

3D Modeling Standards: Ngons

Michele Bousquet 3D Modeling

Our posts here on the best 3D modeling practices for different industries have garnered a lot of comments and opinions. One common theme is the question of quads (4-sided polygons) vs. ngons (polygons with more than 4 sides).

We’ve heard from both customers and artists on this matter. Some customers tell us that they absolutely must have quads and triangles, while others don’t care if the model has ngons. Read More

3D Modeling Standards: Object Names

Michele Bousquet 3D Modeling

When I talk to TurboSquid customers, one subject comes up over and over:  default object names.  Having logical object names for each part of a 3D model makes a big difference in customer satisfaction.  A customer who’s just purchased a bucket load of 3D models isn’t going to be happy about having to pick through each model and figure out what everything is. Read More

Hitpoint Studios

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Last week, I had the pleasure of visiting TurboSquid customer Hitpoint Studios in Hatfield, Mass. Hitpoint specializes in branded online games, utilizing Autodesk Maya to animate characters for gameplay. Their most recent project was for AXE to promote their line of men’s grooming products. The game, World’s Manliest Rituals, is referred to internally at Hitpoint as “the game where TurboSquid models chase you.”

The game features young men being pursued by numerous creatures, including those shown below. Read More

3D Modeling Standards: Folklore or Fact?

Michele Bousquet 3D Modeling

There was a time not too long ago when hardly anyone knew what a 3D model was. Then Toy Story came out in 1995, and it got a little easier to explain to my mother what I do for a living. Fast-forward to the release of Avatar this year, and suddenly everyone is interested in this 3D stuff.

All the while, as 3D artists continued to model away, rough standards emerged for the construction of 3D models. Read More