Introducing CheckMate Certification

Matt Wisdom 3D Modeling, CheckMate, Company, Site

I have an exciting announcement for our entire 3D community. After two years of development, TurboSquid has released its CheckMate Certification program for 3D models. CheckMate Certification allows artists to submit their highest quality models for review and inspection by TurboSquid staff. Models that pass the standard are marked with a badge so you can easily search for and spot our best 3D models. Read More

TurboSquid Artists Working the Standards

Michele Bousquet 3D Modeling

With all the attention we’ve been focusing on 3D modeling standards lately, we’re happy to see that many of our top artists are adopting the standards, not only for their 3D models but also for their product presentations. You’ll see a lot of these standards in action just from shopping around the TurboSquid site.

For example, we’re going for a cleaner look on Search pages to give you a better experience in finding the 3D model you want. Read More

Introducing the TurboSquid 3D Modeling Series

Michele Bousquet 3D Modeling

For the past year, TurboSquid has been on a valiant quest. Our goal was to find the answer to this important question:

“What is a quality 3D model?”

We searched high and low for the answer. We looked at resources on the Internet. We read and re-read books on 3D modeling. We perused forums, both ours and outside ones, for discussions about topology and UVs. Read More

Thumbnails for Search: No Borders Please!

Michele Bousquet Site

When we’ve talked to our customers one-on-one about their experiences in searching for 3D models at TurboSquid, a theme keeps coming up: borders, text, and badges on Search images are unappealing, and can even make a product look unprofessional.

A selection of hearts for Valentine's Day

Some artists use borders and text to make their models “stand out” in Search, but our customers feel differently. Read More

Best Practices: Texture References

Michele Bousquet Site

When a customer loads up your model for the first time, it’s frustrating for them if the first thing they see is an error message about textures. But this is exactly what they’ll see if you don’t take care in packaging your model before upload.

To make sure your customers don’t see this kind of message, you’ll need to package your textures with no referenced folder, or with a folder relative to the model’s folder. Read More

Wireframe Turntables: Do You Need Them?

Michele Bousquet 3D Modeling

Lately we’ve been kicking around modeling and presentation standards through customer and artist surveys, on our forums, in our Knowledge Base, and even internally at TurboSquid. One debate still raging is about the wireframe turntable, a 360-degree view of a 3D model in wireframe mode. You can see examples in the product previews for these 3D models.

One of our staff, one of the wisest and most experienced people here, thinks that all 3D models for sale at TurboSquid should have wireframe turntables. Read More