Announcing SquidGuild Bridge

Michele Bousquet 3D Modeling, Artists, CheckMate

3D Bridge Model by radoxist

SquidGuild Bridge is a new TurboSquid program where artists who have binding commitments with other distribution channels can enjoy limited SquidGuild benefits. With SquidGuild Bridge,  any 3D models an artist has that aren’t bound by a currently existing outside agreement become exclusive to TurboSquid, and these models get SquidGuild royalty rates and CheckMate eligibility. All new models published by the artist will be exclusive to TurboSquid. Read More

SquidGuild Assistance Document

Michele Bousquet 3D Modeling

In August 2009 TurboSquid introduced the SquidGuild, a loyalty program with higher royalties for our artists. Since then, there have been occasional instances where other sites have posted SquidGuild members’ models for sale without their permission. Dealing with such offenses can be time-consuming and frustrating, so we’re offering our assistance in case it ever happens to you.

For SquidGuild members only, TurboSquid has prepared a short legal document that gives us permission to contact such a site on your behalf and ask them to remove your 3D models from their offerings. Read More

SquidGuild Sees Strong Adoption

Matt Wisdom 3D Modeling

Launched less than a week ago, the SquidGuild is off to fast start. More than 1/3 of the Diamond level sellers are already signed up and more than 100 new members are being added a day.

We worked hard to get this program launched and the response has been gratifying. I want to offer thanks to all of the participants and say that we will continue to improve our business  in every way we can. Read More

Site Upgrade for Sellers is Live

Paul Teall 3D Modeling, Site

We promoted a big series of updates to the site yesterday, and they were almost exclusively aimed at our community of sellers.  Here’s a quick breakdown of the new features that were launched:

  • The SquidGuild is our new seller exclusivity program.  Join today and learn how you can make up to 80% by selling your products exclusively with TurboSquid.
  • SquidLevel – All artists have been broken down into a tier based on their lifetime sales.  The more you sell, the faster you’ll increase your SquidLevel and the more benefits you’ll receive.  All sellers will have access to new reports at each SquidLevel.
Read More

TurboSquid SquidGuild

Matt Wisdom 3D Modeling, Site

Over the last while we’ve been been discussing the SquidGuild exclusivity program  with individuals as much as we could. Now that it is formally announced, I wanted to give some more color about what we’re thinking and how we came to this conclusion.

First off, we did a lot of homework and “market research”. TurboSquid spends a significant amount of time trying to understand our business, and 3D in general. Read More