Announcing SquidGuild Bridge

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3D Bridge Model by radoxist

SquidGuild Bridge is a new TurboSquid program where artists who have binding commitments with other distribution channels can enjoy limited SquidGuild benefits. With SquidGuild Bridge,  any 3D models an artist has that aren’t bound by a currently existing outside agreement become exclusive to TurboSquid, and these models get SquidGuild royalty rates and CheckMate eligibility. All new models published by the artist will be exclusive to TurboSquid. Those 3D models bound by outside agreements remain non-exclusive to TurboSquid, and aren’t eligible for a higher royalty rate or CheckMate Certification.

Why are we introducing SquidGuild Bridge?

A large number of artists with binding outside agreements have come to us asking if there’s any way they can join the SquidGuild and submit to CheckMate.

“I can’t get out of my agreement with another site, but I really want to be in the SquidGuild. I hope there’s something you can do for me. If I could join the SquidGuild, it would make me very happy.”  – Phr0stbyte, Diamond artist

“My agreement with the other site ends in 2016, and my products cannot be removed before that time. I do not know what to do. I want to join the SquidGuild. What do I do? Help please, can you give me any options for exclusivity?” – Skotch2000, Gold artist

SquidGuild Bridge was formed in response to these requests. Since we launched our SquidGuild loyalty program in August 2009, more than two-thirds of our top sellers have joined. One of the main reasons for launching the SquidGuild was our CheckMate Certification program, which is available only to SquidGuild members. The CheckMate program calls for a significant investment of TurboSquid’s time and money, and we protect our investment by ensuring certified models stay exclusive to TurboSquid.

While the SquidGuild was controversial when it was released, it was an important part of our strategy to improve the TurboSquid library and the industry as a whole. These days, the large majority of models published are from SquidGuild artists, and our research tells us that sales of CheckMate models alone exceed the revenue of any other 3D model site.

CheckMate Sales

While only about 2% of the TurboSquid catalog is certified, sales of CheckMate models account for more than 10% of 3D model sales revenue

Customers constantly tell us that they want to buy CheckMate 3D models exclusively. To meet the growing demand, we’re doing everything we can to raise the bar on 3D model quality and make as many CheckMate models as possible available to our customers.

SquidGuild Bridge is part of this goal. Artists who signed binding agreements with other websites and distribution channels have been stuck with no way to join the SquidGuild, and no way to participate in CheckMate. SquidGuild Bridge is designed to give these artists a gateway into the SquidGuild, and at the same time expand our CheckMate catalog.

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