Illustrated Tribute to 2001: A Space Odyssey by Kate Voisin

Meet Kate Voisin, Graphic Design & Marketing Assistant

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In this week’s Meet the Squids, we talk to Kate Voisin, our marketing team’s graphic designer. Kate is a Louisiana native, growing up just outside of New Orleans, the city she has called home for almost a decade. Read on to find out about the many hats she gets to wear at the office, and why she suspects that TurboSquid …

Meet Kimberley Lloyd, TurbsoSquid Accountant

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This week’s TS bio post features Kimberley Lloyd, a member of the accounting team.  Originally hailing from the UK, Kim eventually followed her husband, Jonathan Lloyd (VP of Product Development), to New Orleans and TurboSquid.  Read on to discover more about her experience in the States, New Orleans, and which superpower she secretly wishes to possess. Alright, so how’d you …

Meet Christell “Grammar Woman” Gause, Member Services Trainer/Supervisor

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This week’s first meet-the-Squids interview features Christell “Grammar Woman” Gause: part grammarian superhero, part assiduous support supervisor, part nocturnal trivia fiend.  This should be interesting . . .   As leader of Support and Member Services, how do you spend most of your time in the office? There’s really no telling what I’ll be working on each day. One of …