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Do not cross Chris Tiberio

This week in Meet the Squids, we’re saying hello to Chris Tiberio (more often known as “Tibs”). Tibs started with TurboSquid as a Member Services Agent, but will soon be starting a new venture in the office as our 3D Library Assistant. Find out more about Tibs’ eclectic interests outside of the office, and be sure to send him your congratulations in the comments!

So, tell us what a typical day at TurboSquid HQ consists of for you.

Well, I wake up and feed my pups (Carla and Reggie). Once that’s done, I make my 30 minute walk from my humble abode to TurboSquid HQ. I listen to some “informative” podcasts (The Nerdist, Who Charted?, and Get Up On This are my faves) to help pass the time. I get to the building and sling my trendy man-purse on my desk while greeting my fellow Squids. I then make my usual breakfast of assorted cereal (Corn Pops are my jam right now) and a cup of water because I recently quit soda, cold turkey.

Then I settle into my desk and start working. I work hard on various projects to help improve the site and the customer experience. I attend a meeting or two a day and do my best to service the needs of the artist, customer, and the TurboSquid Team.

We hear you’re involved with a lot of things outside the office. What else do you do?

I am a part of an improvised comedy troupe known as “Hug Life.” We do shows all over New Orleans. I am currently planning a wedding with my fiancee, Cheryl, in which I am trying make sure that our two dogs are ring bearers and that my wedding cake topper is wearing a luchador mask (I love professional wrestling).

I also am going to start volunteering at a local animal shelter. I am really into the rescue and care of Pit Bulls, as they are the world’s most misunderstood and mistreated breed of dogs. But I am a lover of all animals.

I also have been writing a hip-hop demo and hope to have it out soon. BOOM!

Tibs auditioned for the most recent run of America’s Got Talent. He didn’t make it this time around, but we’re proud of him anyway. Check out his story about the auditions, and his amazing improv beat-boxing below:


What’s your favorite thing about working at TurboSquid?

I am going to be very honest with you. I have been in the customer service field for over 10 years. I have worked for some of the largest companies in the world, and I can tell you with a 100% confidence that this company has THE BEST member service philosophy I have ever seen. We honestly care about our member interactions and our members. We know that the artists work hard, so we treat them with the respect they deserve. We know that our customers expect the best from us, so we treat them the best we can.

It is also awesome to find a company that encourages energetic, outgoing personalities. They don’t get embarrassed when I do a high octane ribbon dance to polka techno music, or when I team up with Sam Stiles to perform a dramatic interpretation of Carly Rae Jepsen’s masterpiece “Call Me Maybe” at the company Christmas party.

The moment I stepped into TurboSquid, I knew I had to work here. I called my fiancee after my interview and said, “Honey, I found where I belong. I found my dream job.”

Triceratops model by 3d_Wanderer
And we always have to ask about your favorite model on the site!

I think the thing about 3D is that you can make things you’ve never seen look like they would in reality. I have liked dinosaurs since the second grade, and the Triceratops is my favorite.

Any parting words for our readers before you go?

I love Pro Wrestling, but hate Taylor Swift because I think she’s fake.