Illustrated Tribute to 2001: A Space Odyssey by Kate Voisin

Meet Kate Voisin, Graphic Design & Marketing Assistant

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Kate Voisin
In this week’s Meet the Squids, we talk to Kate Voisin, our marketing team’s graphic designer. Kate is a Louisiana native, growing up just outside of New Orleans, the city she has called home for almost a decade. Read on to find out about the many hats she gets to wear at the office, and why she suspects that TurboSquid may, in fact, be a cult (but in a good way).

What does a day at TurboSquid typically look like for you?

My days at TS vary. On the marketing side, I write newsletters, handle our social media accounts, and help to make sure our site shows up in search correctly.

On the design side, I make infographics and ads, help to pretty up the website, and Photoshop Nic Cage’s face onto our manager’s pictures sometimes.

Basically, it’s my job to make sure TurboSquid is always reachable, approachable, and visually appealing.

What’s your favorite thing about working at TurboSquid?

Can I have three things?
1. I get to make fun, engaging content for a fun, engaging company, that’s seen by lots of people– it’s kind of what every graphic designer wants to do.

2. I have total access to the massive 3D model catalog, so getting to use the models in my design work is a real luxury. I could seriously spend hours perusing the catalog. (And sometimes I do! For work.)

3. My third favorite thing about TurboSquid is every single thing about TurboSquid. I know this is a total cheater answer, like asking for infinite wishes on your third wish, but whatever. I’ve worked in New Orleans for a long time, and the TS office is easily the most positive, employee-friendly workplace I’ve ever encountered. When I started, I was pretty sure I’d joined a cult, because about 5 people told me within the first week that it was the best job they’d ever had… and if it IS a cult, I’m completely happy to drink the kool-aid / eat the cereal / wear the tentacles. I love it here.

So, what do you do when you’re not in the office?

I like challenging myself to do new things– I’m a tattoo junkie, I’ve played a few instruments, I cook and write, and I’m trying my hand at sewing. But drawing is where my heart is – I do illustration work on the side, mostly for myself, but I sometimes get hired to draw things for other people.

Kate's tribute to 2001: A Space Odyssey


That’s a lot of hobbies!

It sounds like I’m never bored, but honestly, I think my main hobby is just watching Hulu (current obsession: Korean dramas), or The Sopranos, which I watch, marathon-style, every single summer… sometimes twice.

Triceratops model by 3d_Wanderer
We love to ask: what’s your favorite model on the site?

This sumo wrestler by KrusTaCio is SO GREAT and so weird. I hope this artist ends up working in animation production or something.


And a random question to wrap things up: what’s on your bucket list?

I kind of have a reverse-bucket list of musicians I need to see in concert before THEY die.  I saw Carole King a couple years ago (she was amazing), and I still want to see Brian May, Roy Harper, Van Morrison… um, I’m pretty much 26-thousand years old.



We are beyond thrilled to have Kate as a part of the team. She has really added panache to our posts across various social channels, emails and blog posts. To see examples of how Kate has made use of the thousands of amazing 3d models made by our artists, check out our Tumblr page.  And if Kate’s lamenting over how much she loves working at TurboSquid didn’t sell it for you, check out her inspired infographic depicting “A Day in the Life of a TS employee”, then swing by our jobs page to see where you might fit in at the Squid Shack.


A Day in the Life at TurboSquid [Infographic] designed by Kate Voisin

Click the image to view this infographic depicting “A Day in the Life at TurboSquid” designed by Kate Voisin.