Creative Solutions to Attract Top Tech Talent to TurboSquid

Kate Voisin Site

TurboSquid CEO Matt Wisdom recently discussed the difficulty that so many New Orleans firms are facing when trying to hire tech talent with FOX 8 WVUE New Orleans.

“Generally the growth (New Orleans) is having is not a surprise.  We’ve been trying to have this problem for a long time. I’m glad we have it.  Now we have to fix it, and now we have to fill all those jobs we helped create.”

New Orleans’ tech industry is growing rapidly. We’ve done our part as we continue to add to our staff every month, and we’re still trying to hire more (especially developers). With so much competition, we’ve been trying to highlight what it’s like to work for one of the city’s Best Places to Work. Our creative solution was this snazzy infographic depicting a day in the life of TS programmer. Click the image below to see the full force of its awesomeness.