Artist Guest Post: 3Dslm

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For this week’s artist guest post, we wanted to share a tutorial highlighting basic shapes with well-done textures.  Stroiny Lucian, better known as 3Dslm in the TurboSquid community, includes some WIP videos of how he made his Wooden Toys model.

Train, Plane, and Blocks 3D model

While the models are simple in shape, the quality of the textures are the true meat and potatoes of this model set. Included are four textures for metalness, four textures for specular, and five textures for V-ray. In this video, Stroiny shows how he goes about creating some of these wooden textures in Adobe Substance Painter.

Adding texture to train in Substance Painter

Adding texture to blocks in Substance Painter

For those who want to peer into the modeling workflow of Stroiny, you’re in luck. His process is documented in another speed modeling video where he creates the toys in 3ds Max. The models’ units are measured in centimeters and have real-world scale. Here, you can see him adjusting the train’s wheel size and position.

Adjusting wheel size in 3ds Max

Next comes the plane. After modeling the plane shape, Stroiny duplicates the chimney stack from the train to use as the spinner tip on the plane.

Adding spinner tip to plane in 3ds Max

And finally, the structure of the cube is blocked out.

Creating block shaped in 3ds Max

You can find Stroiny Lucian’s work on his Artstation page and TurboSquid store, and watch more of his modeling videos on his YouTube channel.

If you’re an artist and you’d like to show off your WIPs or other behind-the-scenes glimpses into your modeling process, we’d love to hear about it. Feel free to drop me a line or post on the forum.