What Is Feature Graph?

Corey Cambre Artists, publishing, Site

Feature Graph is a system that we are using to categorize every asset on TurboSquid. This new system not only provides a better search result for assets, but Feature Graph creates better listings and product placement. No longer are you subject to a small set of categories that may or may not accurately describe your model — Feature Graph has over 13,000 categories. Read More

No More Overstuffed Spam Tags: The Future of Keywords in Feature Graph

Kate Voisin Artists, Site

As artists, you’ve been given a sneak peek into our evolved categorization system, otherwise known as Feature Graph. Now that you’ve had a chance to test drive it, we’re letting you in on another secret.  The current content publishing process has allowed artists the ability to suggest keyword tags that you feel best describe your 3D creations. While this function isn’t going anywhere, we are refining how tags are processed and translated into Feature Graph assignment. Read More