CheckMate Specification Updates

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We’ve just updated the CheckMate Pro and Lite Specifications to clarify a few points, and added an important point to both specs.

New Pro and Lite Requirements

We’ve long had a requirement for CheckMate Pro that all texture paths be stripped out of the 3D model file. We’ve now added the same requirement to CheckMate Lite:

2.1.4    No texture paths referenced by model. Read More

CG Industry Heavy Hitters Convene to Define 3D Modeling Standards

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Top VFX Professionals from Weta Digital, CNN, and Electronic Arts Advance the CheckMate Industry Standard

June 12, 2012, New Orleans, Louisiana – TurboSquid, the world’s source for quality 3D models, announces the formation of the CheckMate Advisory Board to guide the future of the CheckMate 3D modeling standard. TurboSquid created the standard in 2011, and since that time, a variety of 3D model customers have sought to participate in the standard’s ongoing development. Read More

1000th CheckMate Pro 3D Model

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The count of CheckMate Pro models has just hit the 1000 mark! Congratulations to CheckMate artist Arturbob, whose beautiful Casio watch model became the 1000th 3D model to pass CheckMate Pro yesterday.

3D Model of Casio Watch by Arturbob


As the total number of CheckMate models approaches 5000, we couldn’t be happier with the success of our certification program. The only complaint we get from customers is that there aren’t enough CheckMate models yet! Read More

CheckMate Tools Contest – Early Submission Critiques

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CheckMate Tools Contest Organizers offer Scripters Another Set of Eyes

CheckMate Tools Contest Organizers offer Scripters Another Set of Eyes

A few weeks ago we launched the CheckMate Tools Contest, where we call for programs that will check models for CheckMate readiness in 3ds Max versions prior to v2010. The official contest deadline is March 31, 2012, but we’d like to give a special opportunity to those who send in an early draft right now. Read More

Artist Spotlight: HD_Ready

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We were so impressed with the hovercraft 3D model made by TurboSquid artist HD_Ready that we just had to put it on our homepage. With its many accurate details and realistic textures, this model is a welcome addition to our expanding CheckMate Pro catalog.

We asked HD_Ready a few questions about the hovercraft model, his work, and his experiences with CheckMate Certification. Read More