How SciePro created a 3D heart model few can beat

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The heart is our symbol of love, it’s the thing our doctors want us to pay special attention to, and it’s got more than 20 emoji variations, each with its own meaning. It’s also one of the most hardworking organs in the human body, pumping nearly 1.5 million barrels of blood during the average lifetime.  For years, 3D artists have …

How SciePro created the most anatomically accurate model on the market

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If you’re experienced selling models on TurboSquid, you might pride yourself on the level of care and detail you give to your models, whether it be a tree with an accurately layered bark pattern or a sports car with signature accents that tie it to the year it was made. Attention to detail is important for people who use these …

Artist Spotlight: RaaYaar

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Inspired by the world around him, TurboSquid 3D artist RaaYaar has made a career out of modeling nature’s wonders. In search of something with more creative fulfillment than just playing video games, so he started to modify them. Read RaaYaar’s journey from gamer to modeler along with the techniques he uses to create stunning CheckMate certified models.