StemCell Dinner at GDC

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Last week was a busy week for us here at TurboSquid! We released the StemCell beta on Monday, and we also officially made models from PC game Wasteland 2 available for purchase on Thursday. Finally, we had several people roaming the halls of the Game Developers Conference (GDC) in San Francisco – Matt Wisdom (CEO), Beau Perschall (VP of Biz Dev), Dan Lion (VP of Sales), Dade Orgeron (VP of Creative Tech), Matthew Hales (VP of Immersive Tech), and Ben Bickle (Associate Producer).

TurboSquid at GDC

One of our primary goals at the show was to host an invite-only gathering on Wednesday night with companies we’ve been working with on the StemCell initiative for the past year. Representatives from Autodesk, Amazon, Microsoft, Magic Leap, Adobe, Epic Games, Maxon, EA, Nintendo, nVidia, Allegorithmic and Marmoset all assembled at The View in San Francisco to enjoy an amazing perspective on the city and enjoy good food, drink and conversations. This intimate get-together of 3D industry heavy-hitters allowed us to give all of these companies an update on the StemCell beta launch, as well as get their input and feedback about what issues were of critical importance to them in regards to 3D model standardization.

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Getting that type of group together is never easy, but the payoff was incredible! The amount of expertise represented in the room from across the industry was, quite frankly, humbling. The feedback we received was invaluable and has us energized to continue our work adding new formats for StemCell to support. It also provided a way for these industry leaders to exchange ideas between each other as they relate to how to support StemCell and our efforts for their respective ecosystems.

Beau offered these thoughts on the dinner – “It was a remarkable event that only reinforces our belief that 3D’s time is here and that StemCell is vital moving forward. The fact that these companies all had similar insights as to how StemCell can help them collectively – and were willing to share with each other – was truly gratifying.”

TurboSquid at GDC

This is just the start for StemCell – if you didn’t get a chance to check it out (or try out the free sample models), we invite you to take a look. Stay tuned for more updates in 2017!

TurboSquid at GDC