Artist Spotlight: Triduza

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Parrots by TriduzaTurboSquid takes flight with a new featured image! TS Artist Triduza is actually a team of two artists who share duties behind the scenes: Alex, who creates the models, unwrap UVs, and rigging; and Anne, who paints the models’ vivid textures. We interviewed Alex about what inspires the pair, and about the friendly, competitive spirit that drives them to greater heights.

How did you get your start in 3D?

My experience with 3D started in 1998. I had finished high school and some of my friends showed me 3D Studio for DOS, and I was impressed, so, I tried to create some models and animations.  For a long time, 3D was just a hobby, while I tried other jobs in the design industry (architecture, interiors, web design, logotypes, graphic design, photography, special effects, animation, visual FX…), but I found that 3D modeling and animation is more exciting me more than all those other jobs.

That’s a lot of design work! What’s your focus now?

For now, I’ve decided to create one big collection of 3D models, and later, I’d like to create my own animation studio.

What has been your experience with TurboSquid?

I first joined TS in 2003, but at the time, I was still a newbie and couldn’t create something good to sell. I created some logotypes and posted them for $1 (I guess all newbies do that), but then I lost my password and forgot about TS for few years.

Then I came back in 2007, and joined to download free models, so I could study how other people made them, and improve my own skills. By that time, I was already working as a 3D modeler and animator. I tried to post my first good model in 2010 for $50 (around the same time that I started to work as freelancer, and switched from 3ds Max to Maya)… I actually only posted the model for fun, because I still didn’t believe that I could earn money on a stock site.  But it sold in first month and I was shocked! Later on, I kept posting a few more models just for fun, because my earnings were low and not enough to support me. But, it was interesting to watch how things progressed as I got better [at modeling]. After few years, I making enough money from TurboSquid and I switched from doing freelance jobs to making models for TS only.

What’s your top priority when making 3D models? And what kinds of things inspire you?

Our priority is fun! I can’t create models without it. I have fun when I’m reading about something I’m about to model; I have fun thinking about how to animate it later, or how to create some new feature in the rig and how to make it little bit better than the last time.  Anne and I discuss new models before we start making them, and sometimes we think it’ll be boring, so we switch to something else. And we have fun discussing other artists’ models. We also have fun raising our CheckMate level and want to get to the top! We have fun with traveling, too— we move to a new place, or even country, every 1-2 months.

Right now, we’re having fun working with fur, and we’ll be creating some furry animals. For us, it’s kind of a competition. We like to look at other good models on TS, and we try to make better ones on our own.

About inspiration: my own inspiration is [my partner] Anne. Before, I worked very slowly, and was really lazy, because it’s not fun to do something if you can’t share it with  someone. Now that I have that, we’ll try to grab part of the market. Hold on, Massimo!


How has your experience with CheckMate been?

The first time, it was my own personal headache. 

I submitted some models for certification and had so many things to fix, that I was disappointed in myself. It’s not easy to switch from messy to organized modeling. It took a long time to get my working process in order. But now, I don’t have problems with certification and I find pleasure in making perfectly prepared scenes. Even my free models, I’ve made by CheckMate’s standards!

And finally, would you recommend TurboSquid to others?

Definitely, I would recommend TurboSquid to others— both artists and customers. For artists, it’s a good opportunity to gain freedom from an office job. For customers, it’s the perfect place to buy quality models. Good luck with your future projects, guys!

Thanks, Alex! And good luck on your future endeavors as well.

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