Artists’ Newsletter | February 2014

TurboSquid Artist Newsletter

In this issue…

  • Not So “Generic” Post
  • Thought It Was Real: An Update
  • Featured Image Takes to the Slopes
  • File Naming & Feature Graph
  • #TurboTips
File Naming
& Feature Graph 

Did you know that how you name your published assets can impact how they show up in search results on TurboSquid? As we roll out our new category system, Feature Graph, the inclusion of file extensions such as “.max”, “.zip”, and the like in your asset titles may limit how customers find your products.

You are among a small group that can see new categories on Product Pages (also referred to as Full Preview pages). When reviewing your own assets, please check assets’ new categories for accuracy. If you do encounter an error, please use the link provided on Full Preview page or email the Product ID and changes you recommend directly



Stay tuned to our social channels every Tuesday as we share #TurboTips! This is an ongoing series to provide you with quick tips to make the most of your 3D modeling programs, as well as best practices for preparing your models for real world customers around the world.

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Not So “Generic” Post

This week has been an interesting one for those in the 3D industry. On the heels of the release of our ownupdated Terms of Use, we see other players in the 3D model market making sweeping changes that may not be viewed as so bold. Our own CEO has some words of wisdom (pun intended) to share with artists on why TurboSquid continues to make big decisions when handling the business behind a 3D marketplace.

Within this very candid post, Matt touches on the choices that have been made, as well as the amount of thought, engagement, and respect between all of those involved, as we move the industry forward.

Read the complete post by TurboSquid CEO Matt Wisdom for clarity on what he sees in the near future for the 3D industry.

Thought It Was Real: An Update

Over the holidays, we implemented a pop-up to warn potential customers that the product the were looking at was not an actual Christmas gift, but a 3D model. Perhaps we can credit Santa’s magical powers for the results: our Thought It Was Real (TIWR) refunds in 2013 dropped by a staggering 88%, compared to the TIWR refunds in 2012.

This was the best gift our support staff could have asked for. TIWR calls and chats dropped by 67% from last year, as well. Of course, that also means that the funny holiday horror stories from our support team dropped by 67% as well, but that’s ok with us!

New Featured Image Takes to the Slopes

The artists over at Tornado Studio are going for the gold with this month’s new featured image! This downhill skier is definitely Sochi-ready. Check out our Featured Artist Interview, where we talked to Tornado Studio’s founder and CEO about his history with 3D modeling and his favorite Winter Olympic events.

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