Artists’ Newsletter | December 2013

TurboSquid Artist Newsletter

In this issue…

  • BIG NEWS: TS Releases Changes to Terms of Use
  • Thought It Was Real? Not This Year.
  • CheckMate News
…and more!
New Models To Make! 

Trying to decide what to make next? Our Models To Make page has been updated for the year’s end, and it is jam packed with hundreds of suggestions for new CheckMate Pro models.


Did You Know…?

Have you ever noticed that a model was sold for a lower price than it was originally set? Not to worry! This is our Squid Bucks system in action– it’s very likely that a customer used store credit to help with the purchase of your model. While we do like to contact our artists before a Squid Bucks sale goes through, you should know that our artists still receive their full royalties for these purchases, no matter what kind of discount was applied for the customer.
Backed-Up CheckMate Queue
Don’t stop submitting thoseCheckMate models, but please be aware that due to holiday schedules (and a serious cold & flu season), our inspectors are running a little behind. Please be patient as we work through the CheckMate queue.

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Major Revisions to TS Terms of Use

Documents like licenses, privacy policies and other related terms of use have historically been overly complicated for those that are most affected by their content. We, at TurboSquid, recognized that not only were our policy documents difficult to understand, but that as the industry has changed, so must the guidelines that govern participation within it.

Today we are releasing significant revisions to the terms related to publishing and purchasing content via TurboSquid.

The ultimate goal of these changes is to simplify the verbiage without sacrificing the content or coverage provided to artists, customers or our core business while incorporating changes based on this ever-evolving industry and the often unexpected lessons learned from our 13 years in the business.

Links to all of TurboSquid’s Updated Policies are available here:

For all documents related to policy changes, look for the “New Updates” area at for links to new policy documents, comprehensive insight into the many changes, and answers to questions.

Upon logging into, you will be prompted to make additional permission selections. We strongly encourage you to read the details related to each option prior to making your selection.

Thought It Was Real? Not This Year.

In our never-ending battle against holiday shoppers who think our 3D products are not only realistic, but actually real, TurboSquid has enlisted the help of Santa Claus himself to deter would-be holiday shoppers from ordering our intangible goods.

Many of you probably noticed the holiday pop-up featuring Santa Claus, modeled by Oleg Topalov. Some of you may not have seen it at all as the pop-up is triggered only when the browser suspects that a user is visiting TurboSquid for the first time (based on the visitor’s browser cookies). It offers two options: one for 3D experts (who know the products we sell are just digital files) and another option for the “Thought It Was Real!” (TIWR) crowd, which takes them to our favorite TS holiday video, compliments of the Support Staff.

We’re happy to say that the pop-up has cut down on TIWR-related calls, chats and returns significantly this holiday season, much to the delight of our Support Staff.  We do find ourselves missing the “interesting” stories that often accompany these requests, however this has given us additional time to spend on more pressing matters (like completing customer conversion requests).

The holiday season isn’t over yet, but so far, so good!