Topology Tools for CheckMate Pro

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Both Autodesk Mudbox and Pixologic ZBrush have recently introduced new tools to retopologize heavy 3D models to evenly spaced quads. These tools were created so users can quickly retopologize intense meshes and replace heavy detail with normal maps. The resulting mesh is much easier to edit and retexture than the original.

3D scan model before and after being retopologized with Mudbox.

3D scan model before and after being retopologized with Mudbox.

Even though these tools were originally created to treat the heavy meshes created by these applications, there’s no reason why you can’t use them on 3ds Max, Maya, and Cinema4D models too! 3D scans and older models in particular can benefit from a quick quad retopo.

3D Coat and Blender also have retopologizing tools. You can find comprehensive reviews of all these applications around the Internet, and even YouTube videos showing you how to use them.

With CheckMate Pro v2 now having a more stringent topology standard, you can explore these tools and see if any of them will help you meet the standard. As with any automated tool, be sure to visually check the results yourself before assuming the tool did a perfect job.

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