Artist Spotlight: GrafxBox

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Sci Fi Starfighter 3D ModelWith NASA holding its first-ever Google Hangout in space last week, we’re honoring space buffs everywhere with a new homepage image from artist GrafxBox based on his SciFi Fighter model. Although this artist has a wide variety of models, his flair for sci-fi is what brought his work to our attention. Find out where GrafxBox gets his inspiration in our interview below.

Get to know 3D artist Grafxbox

When did you start 3D modeling? 
It was probably about 20 years ago when I started learning 3D with Autodesk 3D Studio. It was prehistoric 3D software compared to now!  What brought me to 3D was books I saw in the early 1990’s about images created with software that only large companies could afford. Back then there were not a lot of tutorials on the Internet, so I bought some books for my own education and started doing some stuff. I made a cover for a Spanish magazine in 1992.

Why did you decide to start publishing models at TurboSquid? 
For years I heard about TurboSquid, and I decided to publish a couple of models I had in my hard drive to test it out. I was surprised to find that they sold, and I decided to publish more models and become a member of SquidGuild to get the benefits. Now I create models specifically for Turbosquid. I also tried other 3D marketplaces, but sales there didn’t compare to what I sell at TurboSquid.

Portrait of 3D artist, GrafxboxWhat other creative outlets do you pursue?
I also draw with pencil, and I made some comics years ago. To me, taking a break means taking my camera, going around and taking some shots. Where I live, in Asturias (northwest coast of Spain), you have a lot of things to see and explore, and if you love photography it’s a really good place to go.

What has been your experience with CheckMate?
At first glance the required specs look tedious, but when you make one or two models with the idea that they’re for CheckMate Pro or Lite, it’s really easy. Publishing your models for CheckMate gets you a bigger audience and more potential customers. I plan to publish more models not only to sell more, but also to advertise what I do. There are a huge amount of people from all industries that see your work at TurboSquid.

I see that you have a lot of sci-fi models. What inspired you to create these?
I’m passionate about all science fiction stuff–NASA missions, space exploration, UFOs, scifi movies (I hope one day to see the novel “Rama” by Arthur C. Clarke represented on the big screen). What I miss most these days are the kinds of classic sci-fi movies we used to have like Alien, Blade Runner, Star Wars, and 2001 Space Odyssey. Nowadays you see incredible VFX but the scripts are lacking. I think that the best way to learn and get inspiration is to look around you. I find inspiration in technical stuff like engines, airplanes, military crafts, things I see on the web, photo, movies, my favorite artists such as Moebius, and other great artists you can see out there.

Cartoon_AstronautWhat’s your favorite model?
My favorite model is my Cartoon Astronaut, because I made it some years ago. I rebuilt it and made some animation tests with him, and this guy is part of my family now!


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