Artist Spotlight: FraP

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Our new homepage image features a classic Nikon camera 3D model by CheckMate artist FraP. FraP has been publishing his 3D models on  TurboSquid since 2004. I had the pleasure of meeting this talented artist in Rome, Italy, where I asked him a few questions about his work as an artist.

FraP CheckMate 3D models

Artist FraP

Q: How long have you been an artist?

I’ve been a 3D artist since 1998. Before that I made drawings and sculptures. Then I saw a video game made with 3ds Max, Tomb Raider II, and I decided right then that I had to learn the program. Now it’s my passion.

Q: What’s most important when making 3D models?

First of all, have good visual references, and pay close attention to proportion, detail, and topology. I always use a large reference image as the background, and I put images next to the model to take measurements and compare.

Q: How do you decide what to model?

I usually make what I like. If I see something that interests me strongly, I want to make it in 3D. Sometimes I also consider what customers might want, but usually I make what I like.

Q: What has been your experience with CheckMate?

Really good, because the inspectors are always available to solve any problem, in particular James Capps. Whenever I have a problem, he’s always there, and always helps me.

Thank you, FraP! We look forward to even more of your amazing 3D creations. Click here to view all of the digital artistry that FraP has made available through the TurboSquid catalog.