Artist Spotlight: QLEE

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We’ve just updated our homepage image to show a fabulous VW Beetle 3D model by TurboSquid artist QLEE. This prolific artist has a wide variety of content at TurboSquid, over 1600 models in all, with more than 100 in our CheckMate certification program. QLEE’s work, particularly his vehicle and machinery models, have been featured numerous times in books and magazines on 3D modeling. Here, we ask him to take a few minutes from his busy modeling schedule to answer a few questions.


Q: How did you get into 3D art?

My adventure with 3D started a long time ago in a galaxy far, far away, with plastic models of TIE fighters from Star Wars. In the breaks between 3D games and college parties, I started to create my first simple 3D models just for fun. I had no idea at that time that it could became serious! After eight years as a freelance 3D modeler, I still have a lot to learn (new software, new techniques ). But I love this job, and I’m always excited when I’m starting a new project.

Q: Tell us about your 3D models.

I specialize in architecture, vehicles, industrial and technical structures. I’m also interested in mechanical stuff, especially old-time machines. I make 3D models for clients around the world and also especially for TurboSquid, which gives me a lot of creative freedom. I can make my own decisions about what to model while TurboSquid takes care of the customers. It’s a great deal.

Q: What has been your experience with CheckMate? Has it been worth the effort?

CheckMate really works for me. In the beginning it took a lot of time for me to prepare models that meet all the specifications. But now it’s my new standard for all my models, both for TurboSquid and my freelance customers. It’s really worth it to spend the time to double check your models, as it really saves the customer time. And CheckMate models are selling well, even when the prices are above market average!

Thanks, QLEE!