Webinars ‘R’ Us

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TurboSquid has started giving free webinars on all kinds of topics, such as our new Publisher and Download systems. Top seller Scripter, a Diamond SquidGuild member, had this to say about a recent webinar on the new systems:

“I can tell you guys who hadn’t come, missed a lot. We saw the new Publisher in action, asked questions, received answers, and even Chris [TurboSquid’s Chief Technology Officer] showed up to clarify some specifics and future ideas. What a great way to communicate!”

We love giving webinars. It gives us a direct connection to you, our sellers and customers, so we can tell you what we’re up to and get your suggestions and feedback. We plan to give many, many more webinars over the next year.

What topics would you like to see in a free webinar from TurboSquid? We’d like to know! Please fill out our survey and tell us what you think.