Allegorithmic Smart Filters Webinar

by Michele Bousquet

Allegorithmic is proud to announce Bitmap2Material, a powerful filter for generating seamless, tiling materials from any photo right from within 3ds Max and Maya 2012. A link to Allegorithmic Substances is included within 3ds Max and Maya 2012 for easy access to this terrific material solution. Right now you can pick up Bitmap2Material for the low introductory price of $149, but be sure to get it soon. This offer won’t last!

TurboSquid and Allegorithmic will be holding a free webinar on April 28 at 9 a.m. PDT to show you how you can get the most from Substances. Attendance is limited, so register now.


8 Responses to “Allegorithmic Smart Filters Webinar”

  1. I have registered and I look forward to participating.

  2. Michele Bousquet says:

    @whitebirch: Your registration didn’t go through. Please click the registration link and try again.

  3. Kupfer says:

    The good news, but it would be interesting to test this plugin first.

  4. Jeremie says:

    There is a trial version available on the plugin page in the “Previews” panel.

  5. JorgeBM says:

    I’m afraid is no longer availible:
    I get this msg: “This registration is currently closed. ”

  6. Michele Bousquet says:

    Sorry Jorge, the webinar already happened. I’ll pass your contact info to Allegorithmic so they can invite you to the next one.

  7. Lupo says:

    Well done TurboSquid, clearly some one isn’t sending out the emails on time.

  8. Michele Bousquet says:

    @Lupo, the email you got was to promote the new filter, not the webinar itself. Sorry for the confusion.

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