Meet Member Services at TurboSquid

by Michele Bousquet

As the 3D modeling industry has grown and changed, so have customers’ needs at TurboSquid. You told us what you wanted in your support, and we listened. The result is a new approach to support that gives fast answers to technical questions about 3D models.

In years past, the most common questions were things like “How do I download the textures?” and other queries related to using the site itself. But with so many new artists entering the field and so many 3D applications to choose from, we get technical questions about models a lot more frequently now. All our support staff get training in a variety of 3D programs. This means that if you open a chat to ask about a particular model, the Member Services Agent can open it right then and there and tell you what you want to know.

Nowadays, the most common questions relate to file conversion or usability. If you need a 3D model in a format that it’s not offered in, we can do a test conversion for you before you purchase and check that the conversion works. If you want to know how many textures a model comes with, we can open the model and tell you before you buy.

Please see the video below to meet our new and improved support team!


2 Responses to “Meet Member Services at TurboSquid”

  1. Kupfer says:

    The interesting approach for attraction of clients. Good marketing)

  2. Jamie says:

    A couple things:
    Seeing this video kind of makes me wish I had that job! I love playing in different 3D software and doing file conversions, but that’s just a personal thing.

    Also, I recently became a customer of TurboSquid (I’ve been a seller for 8.5 years) when doing a small project that required a model that I simply didn’t have the time to create myself. The exact model (from the same individual) was cheaper on another site, but I opted to get the TurboSquid model simply because I know that you guys handle the support well.

    It’s nice to finally see you guys, but your good reputation precedes you! :)

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