TurboSquid at Siggraph 2010

Michele Bousquet Company

TurboSquid will be attending Siggraph 2010 in Los Angeles July 26-30. At the exhibition, we’ll be in the ATI booth (#301) demonstrating the use of TurboSquid products and services with the FirePro video cards with Eyefinity technology. Look for the squid on the dark blue shirt, and stop on by to say hello.

Siggraph 2009 Exhibition

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Habitat for Humanity Build 2009

Anthony Coleman Company

As many of you may know, TurboSquid organized a Habitat for Humanity build on the weekend before SIGGRAPH 2009. Squids, Autodesk employees and 3D artists put down their laptops and picked up tools to help rebuild a damaged home in New Orleans’ Ninth Ward.  We even had a group of students from Minnestoa drive down to pitch in after seeing an update on our Twitter feed!  It was incredibly hot and the work was hard, but everyone commented on what a fantastic time they had.  Thanks to everyone that turned out and participated. Read More

TurboSquid @Siggraph 2009

Anthony Coleman Site

After nine years, SIGGRAPH has returned to New Orleans! In that time, TurboSquid has continued to grow as the world’s leading resource for stock 3D models <link>, 3D plugins <link>, and textures <link>. We are extremely excited to be hosting SIGGRAPH 2009 <link> in order to show the 3D industry how much the city has grown since Hurricane Katrina.
To give back, we are also hosting a Habitat for Humanity event called “Squid Build” in New Orleans’Ninth Ward on Friday, July 31 and Saturday, August 1. Read More