CheckMate Pro v2: Submissions and Topology Requirements

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CheckMate Pro v2, the new highest standard of quality for 3D models, will go into effect on June 15, 2013. This version of CheckMate Pro gets the same badge as v1, but has much stricter topology requirements.

We understand that the new topology requirements can take some time to meet, and that your current CheckMate Pro submissions might not meet these requirements. Read More

CheckMate Pro v2 Coming Soon

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When CheckMate Pro was released in August 2011, we knew there would be regular updates to it. Since then, there have been a few minor updates such as new pricing tiers and clarifications of presentation requirements. But on June 15, for the first time since CheckMate Pro was first released, there will be a major update to the specification.

These new specification points are direct recommendations from the CheckMate Advisory Board. Read More

CheckMate Pro Pricing Update: $79 Tier Added

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79We’re pleased to announce that artists can now price their CheckMate Pro models at $79. When publishing, just enter $79 as the Price and click Submit. Previously, CheckMate Pro models had to be priced at $49 or $99, with no price tier in between.

You can also set the price of existing CheckMate Pro models to $79. Please note that each price change to a CheckMate model shows up immediately on your product, but is subject to review by a CheckMate Inspector. Read More

Artist Spotlight: GrafxBox

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Sci Fi Starfighter 3D ModelWith NASA holding its first-ever Google Hangout in space last week, we’re honoring space buffs everywhere with a new homepage image from artist GrafxBox based on his SciFi Fighter model. Although this artist has a wide variety of models, his flair for sci-fi is what brought his work to our attention. Find out where GrafxBox gets his inspiration in our interview below. Read More