The CheckMate Difference – September Sales

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Once again, 3D model customers have made their preferences clear. While only 3.2% of the 3D models at TurboSquid are CheckMate Certified, these models account for over 18% of sales.

CheckMate Difference September 2012

TurboSquid strives to give customers what they want, and that is more CheckMate models! Here are some comments from recent CheckMate Pro customers.

“The model being CheckMate Pro helps me know that I don’t have to do any tweaking before rendering, which is very good to know when on a tight deadline.”

– Johan S. Read More

New Poly Count Search Tool

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Our Search page now includes a tool to specify Poly Count for 3D models, giving customers the ability to search for low-polygon models within the parameters of their choice. The definitions of “low-poly” and “game-ready” change so frequently that it makes sense to allow customers to enter poly count ranges for their specific needs.

Why am I excited about this? Because the Poly Count search tool will lead to more artists getting CheckMate certified. Read More

Birds of a Feather Flock Together

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CheckMate 3D Modeling StandardTurboSquid is holding a 3D Modeling Standards Birds of a Feather meeting at the Siggraph conference in Los Angeles, Wednesday August 8, 10-11am at the Los Angeles Convention Center, Room 410.

What is a Birds of a Feather? It’s an informal gathering of like-minded 3D artists to discuss a topic of interest. At the Birds of a Feather meeting at Siggraph, Michele Bousquet from TurboSquid will host a discussion of 3D modeling standards, including our own CheckMate standard. Read More

June Sales Stats Prove It Pays to Be a CheckMate Artist

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June was a great month for CheckMate models, which accounted for just over 16% of 3D models sold at TurboSquid. When you consider that less than 3% of our 3D model catalog is CheckMate Certified, it’s clear that CheckMate models have an advantage when it comes to sales.

CheckMate Difference

Want to shop for CheckMate models? Do a search on CheckMate Pro and Lite models to see our selection. Read More

CG Industry Heavy Hitters Convene to Define 3D Modeling Standards

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Top VFX Professionals from Weta Digital, CNN, and Electronic Arts Advance the CheckMate Industry Standard

June 12, 2012, New Orleans, Louisiana – TurboSquid, the world’s source for quality 3D models, announces the formation of the CheckMate Advisory Board to guide the future of the CheckMate 3D modeling standard. TurboSquid created the standard in 2011, and since that time, a variety of 3D model customers have sought to participate in the standard’s ongoing development. Read More