Artist Spotlight: GrafxBox

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Sci Fi Starfighter 3D ModelWith NASA holding its first-ever Google Hangout in space last week, we’re honoring space buffs everywhere with a new homepage image from artist GrafxBox based on his SciFi Fighter model. Although this artist has a wide variety of models, his flair for sci-fi is what brought his work to our attention. Find out where GrafxBox gets his inspiration in our interview below. Read More

CheckMate Pro Webinar

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3D model MicrophoneBy popular demand, we’re offering a new webinar on Preparing Your Model for CheckMate Pro! In addition to learning all the ins and outs of submitting your 3D model for the highest standard, you’ll get a first look at recommendations from the recent CheckMate Advisory Board meeting. These recommendations aren’t out yet–this webinar is the only place to find out about them right now. Read More

Introducing the CheckMate Pro Automated Filter for 3ds Max

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Bounce-Back FilterFor those of you who are tired of waiting for your Checkmate Pro inspections to be completed, TurboSquid is happy to release the CheckMate Pro Automated Filter for 3ds Max. This filter is designed to give you quick feedback on your CheckMate Pro 3ds Max submissions.

From now on, whenever you submit a native 3ds Max model for CheckMate Pro, our script will automatically check for certain points such as N-Gons, Default Names, and Overlapping Vertices. Read More

The CheckMate Difference – November Sales

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The figures tell the story — customers prefer CheckMate!


Why do they prefer them? Some customers cite the clean, easy-to-read wireframes and turntables that make it easy to see the model’s topology. Others talk about how the model was easy to find in search results. But all agree on the biggest benefit: CheckMate models work as expected, and take the guesswork out of purchasing 3D models. Read More

The CheckMate Difference – October Sales

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CheckMate sales have passed the 20% mark! At present, about 3.5% of 3D models at TurboSquid are CheckMate certified, but sales of CheckMate models account for over 20% of 3D models sales revenue. Customers have told us over and over that they’d buy CheckMate models every time if they were available in every category. Get your models into CheckMate now, while many categories are still open! Read More