Spice Up Your Life: 3D Models Inspired by Dune: Part Two

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When Spielberg is calling your movie one of the best sci-fi films he’s ever seen, you know you’re doing something right. And he’s not the only one. Audiences have been raving about Dune: Part Two for weeks, propelling an “unfilmable novel” into what might become this generation’s Lord of the Rings. 

What’s clear is that Dune will cast ripple effects in the production world for years to come. Whether it’s costumes, set pieces, or creature design,  there’s enough creative inspiration here to last a lifetime, especially if your next project involves deserts, sci-fi suits, and other related elements.

To make that a bit easier, we thought we’d put together a little starter pack inspired by the movie. Below you’ll find environments, gear, and maybe even a little desert mouse to whet your creative appetite. And remember, there are lots of other assets in the library. Here’s a handy search guide that can help you narrow them down even more.

1. Desert Dunes 2 by bescec (TurboSquid exclusive)

Arrakis is so tied to the saga of Dune and how its characters operate that you could almost call it a character itself. But not everyone has the funds to film in Jordan like Warner Bros. So if you’re looking for wide dune shots on a budget, try using this. It’s got open spaces for days.

2. Desert-Soldier by Galstyan (TurboSquid exclusive) 

The still suit has captivated minds since Dune started getting serialized in 1963. Which makes sense. Who wouldn’t be enamored with something that can keep you alive by recycling your water? And while we might not have a 1:1 replica (yet), this awesome soldier definitely gets you in the ballpark. Have a look!

3. Desert Temple by Asset Scan 3d (TurboSquid exclusive) 

While perhaps a bit more ornate than the southern sietch of Dune: Part Two, this temple is perfect for evoking civilization in the desert. Especially if you are looking for something with a religious or royal bent.

4. Procedural Desert Terrain by Wondra (TurboSquid exclusive) 

Let’s say you want a bit more to look at than sand. Try this procedural terrain model. Just tweak the mapping node for an infinite number of layouts.

5. Desert Jerboa Fur by 3d_molier International (TurboSquid exclusive) 

“Cute” is hardly a word one would apply to the Dune-iverse and yet, what else do you call Muad’Dib, the desert mouse that gives Paul Atreides his Fedaykin name? This little guy can add a bit of character to your own desert landscape and yes, he is cute.

6. Sunset Desert Environment by Marc Mons (TurboSquid exclusive) 

The last desert environment we have for you is not only more populated by ground elements and jutting rocks than what came before, but has a beautiful sunset vibe that lends itself well to quieter moments. Or a duel setting if your story needs a staging ground for an epic fight. 

7. Generic 6×4 Military Desert Camo Truck By QLEE (TurboSquid exclusive) 

Finally, we have a workhorse. A good sturdy transport vehicle that will help the more established parts of your desert civilization move things from A to B or show the scale of a military base as you add more and more to your 3D scene. Good luck!

Need a 3D model for your next project?

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