GTC 2024 Recap: Our TurboSquid 3D Model Generator in Action

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The dust has settled from GTC 2024 and now that we’re back to our regularly scheduled programming, we wanted to tell you all about the exciting things we took part in at NVIDIA’s annual event. If you missed our blog post detailing what we were showing at the event, then there’s no better time to get the low-down of what’s coming soon!

Talking 3D Design

Shutterstock VP of 3D Innovation Dade Orgeron led the panel, Revolutionizing 3D Design: Unlocking New Dimensions with AI Technology, along with a powerhouse team from NVIDIA and Shutterstock.

If you’ve been following the progress of our generative model, you know it’s getting better all the time. And this on-demand video is a fantastic opportunity to learn even more about it. The panel walked everyone through the core concepts of generative 3D,  lessons learned while building an AI modeler, and predictions of what generative 3D will usher in going forward. For instance, can you imagine what life will be like when you can create concepts and designs in seconds? Night and day.

Keep going for insights into working with machine learning content, establishing a generative 3D workflow, and more. And if you have any questions after watching the panel, be sure to leave them in the comments below.

Hands-On With Gen 3D

Our friends at HP were on the GTC show floor where attendees could get firsthand experience with generative 3D, virtually and physically with models 3D printed each day of the show. This would’ve been nearly impossible to pull off in the technology’s infancy, back when generating a model took around 40 minutes. Now it takes less than a minute. 

The quality of the models continues to improve, too. Just look at that little sushi and ramen platter above. If you had the chance, what would you generate and turn into a 3D-printed model?

So, What’s Next?

We expect the official launch of our generative model API this year. So whether you work in Maya or Unreal Engine, or even in places like Roblox, there’s a real possibility you can take advantage of ethical 3D model generation within your preferred tools and platforms. 

Sign up for Early Access if you want to preview it before launch and be on the lookout for more news in the coming months. We’ve got some exciting plans for SIGGRAPH!

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