5 Halloween 3D Model Picks to Frighten Up Your Holiday

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Halloween has some of the most iconic visuals in popular culture. Pumpkins, bats, witches, and ghosts, these images are so ingrained in our minds that it’s hard to resist sharing in the spirit.

But with thousands of Halloween models on TurboSquid, where do you begin?

Well, we’ve selected five choices to fill your Halloween 3D model goodie bag, so you can create your own spooky scenes and characters without having to start from scratch. But since most of these models have uses outside of the holiday, their value is like finding the house handing out king-size candy bars.

Bat 3D Model | cecoaliensa

The classic motif of transforming from vampire to bat never dies, but this model could have uses beyond Halloween. This highly detailed creature is rigged and includes morph targets for its face, so it’s perfect for animation and close-up renders.

Old Abandoned American House 3D Model | DRONNNNN95

If you’re working on a horror video game, nothing sets a ghostly mood better than an old abandoned house. With the addition of some creaking floorboards, flowing white sheets draped over unused furniture, and some old-timey music playing, this environment could make even the most confident turn heel.

Green Alien Creature 3D Model | A_Akhtar

Sometimes the horrors come from outer space! Need to pair an alien with a UFO spacecraft already in your collection? This extraterrestrial includes subsurface scattering textures and displacement maps to add further realism, plus it comes with PBR textures for game-ready workflows.

Witch Costume 3D Model | 3dArt_design

Equipped with a flying broom and cauldron filled with a mysterious potion, this costume can transform your human 3D models into a traditional witch we’re all familiar with. It’s also built to a real-world scale, so your characters will be ready to go trick-or-treating in no time.

Burnt Coffin 3D Model | HuNtEr_3DdD

Set up some scares to your cemetery scenes in games, AR/VR, and any other real-time projects with this burnt coffin. Better yet, place it in a dark corner of a haunted house and prop it up so that it looks like someone—or something—is about to pop out of it. No matter how you choose to use it, it’s sure to add a chilling touch to your projects.

We hope these 3D models provided some inspiration for your next project. If you still need more, be sure to browse the TurboSquid marketplace. And if there are any Halloween models that seem to be missing, please tell us what you’re looking for in the comments.

Have a happy Halloween!

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