The entrance to SIGGRAPH 2023

SIGGRAPH 2023: AI and NeRF Tech Steal the Show

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SIGGRAPH has come and gone, and it truly has been one of our favorite events this year! 2023 marked the expo’s 50th anniversary exploring the latest innovations and technological advancements in computer graphics, animation, artificial intelligence, and more.

If we could summarize our involvement this year in two words, it would be generative AI and NeRF. (Okay, sure, one is an abbreviation and the other an acronym, but roll with us.) You’re probably familiar with AI, but if you’re scratching your head at what NeRF is, keep reading.

A Boisterous Booth Presence

Our booth on the SIGGRAPH show floor was located near Meta, Blender, and DGG, so the foot traffic around our booth felt electric. AI and virtual location technology were the stars of the show at our booth, which enticed people to return throughout the week to learn more. 

We announced that we’re teaming up with Luma Labs AI, RECON Labs, and Volinga AI to bring neural radiance fields (NeRFs) technology to 3D creators globally. Attendees who stopped by the booth got a first-hand look at this pioneering 3D content type derived from video footage for real-time applications. It’s a pretty darn cool technology, especially for virtual locations. Watch a preview of it below.

Our hardworking team spoke at the booth about our approach to generative AI, virtual locations, and new 3D modeling workflows. What does this mean for the average TurboSquid customer? Well, you might see some new offerings coming to the TurboSquid marketplace in the near future. Be sure to check back regularly!

A Stellar Speaking Opportunity

One major SIGGRAPH highlight was a lively presentation from our VP of 3D Innovation, Dade Orgeron, titled Building Responsible AI Solutions to Hyper-Enable 3D Creators. AI is a hot topic right now, so we weren’t surprised to see a packed audience, but weren’t expecting that SIGGRAPH staff would need to turn people away at the door!

Want to see the talk? Watch it here on Vimeo.

Dade led the audience through the thoughts and processes we’re taking to ensure AI-enabled 3D asset creation still protects the rights of the contributing artists who make TurboSquid the special place it is. It’s something that we’ll continue talking about in the future because we believe it’s important for everyone.

VIP Visits

The icing on the SIGGRAPH cake? Our team got a meet-and-greet opportunity with NVIDIA’s CEO, Jensen Huang, who had a blast learning about our work and seeing what’s coming soon. The NVIDIA team is amazing, and we couldn’t be happier to work with them.

NVIDIA had some exciting announcements at the event. One of them showcased how we utilize NVIDIA Picasso, a platform for creating generative AI visual models, to develop a range of generative AI services aimed at enhancing 3D workflows.

We introduced our first offering among these new services, called 360 HDRi. This service enables artists to create photorealistic HDR environment maps for scene relighting. The demo demonstrated how services powered by NVIDIA Picasso can significantly streamline the process of generating environment maps.

Sounds complicated, but it’s interesting to watch in practice. Take a look here.

Media Buzz

We had engaging interviews with several folks in the media at the show. It was a wonderful opportunity to either introduce them to Shutterstock and TurboSquid for the first time or revisit and let them know the latest things we’re working on.

Here’s some of the recent coverage if you want to take a deeper dive into what we’re working on.

SIGGRAPH was a lot of fun and hard work, and we couldn’t have done it without our incredible team. Stay tuned for more exciting developments as we continue to broaden our 3D technology offerings on the TurboSquid marketplace!

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