An ground-level shot of a beach with mountains and the sea surrounding it.

Staff Picks: Our Favorite Summer 3D Models

Jesse Radonski Featured Artists, Featured Models

As the sun shines brighter and the days grow longer, it’s time to indulge in our staff picks of summer 3D models that will transport you to sandy shores and crystal-clear waters. From beach essentials to seaside wonders, we’ve curated a collection that will inspire your wanderlust and have you yearning for sun-kissed adventures ahead.

So, slip on those sunglasses, pack a cooler with your favorite drinks, and join us on a virtual journey to the beach with our handpicked summer 3D models that embody the spirit of the season. And if you want to find more beach-related 3D models, start here.

Swimming Pool | Archviz Render Studio

An indoor pool in a luxurious atmosphere with large glass windows surrounding it.
Experience pure luxury in this stunning indoor pool, a lavish 3D oasis designed to indulge the senses.

Summer Beverage | Ryan King Art

A cocktail in a tulip glass with an orange on its rim and straw in the glass. It's on a wooden plank in the desert.
An ice-cold beverage is just a fine touch to a summertime outdoor scene.

Paradise Beach | Asset Scan 3D

An aerial shot of a beach with mountains and the sea surrounding it.
Need an isolated plot of paradise for your next project? This could be a beautiful place to begin.

Sealife Set | bescec

A collection of sea life models including a crab, seahorse, starfish, and shells.
And while you’re at it, here are some sea-life objects to add a realistic flair to your own little utopia.

Mulberry Plant | 3d_molier International

A close-up shot of two shiny mulberries.
A high-quality polygonal cane fruit model perfect for adding that scrumptious touch to projects ranging from botany to diet foods.

As the sun sets on our picks of summer 3D models, we hope you’ve found inspiration in these beautiful models that epitomize the essence of summer. If you’d like to purchase one to use in your project, we encourage you to create a TurboSquid account today!

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