Tropical and flowering plants that go well in a resort created by 3DTree_Plants

June Staff Picks: Our Favorite Vacation 3D Models

Jesse Radonski Featured Artists, Featured Models

Summer is just around the corner, so we’re highlighting some things that generally come along with the season: carnival rides, swimming pools, and travel. Even with the seasonal focus, the seemingly endless variety of models artists create never ceases to impress us.

There’s no better time to kick off the warmer months (in the northern hemisphere, of course) than now! Take a look at some of our favorite vacation 3D models we’re highlighting in June.

Theme Park Ride | 3d_molier International

A model of an amusement park ride by 3d molier international
The ticket to ride is remarkably low compared to the abundant amusement it will provide.

Airbus | maqyko

You’re always sitting in first class when you use this Airbus A380-800 model in your project.

Resort Plants | 3DTree_Plants

Tropical and flowering plants that go well in a resort created by 3DTree_Plants
Transform your environment into a peaceful, secluded oasis with this diverse range of plant life.

Luggage Collection | m_J

A collection of luggage 3D models by m_J
This collection of bags is the perfect set dressing for realistic archviz projects set at home, in a hotel, and beyond.

Inflatable Pools Collection | AT_studio Pro models_3D

A collection of inflatable pool toy 3D models by AT_studio Pro models_3D
Inflatable pool toys are a fun way to show that children live in a space, but they also double as humorous set decorations for places where college students live and party before summer break kicks off.

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