A 3D Japanese bamboo path by Giovaniv.

Staff Favorites: Handpicked 3D Models for May

Jesse Radonski Featured Artists, Featured Models

Environments enable our imaginations to go wild, and some of our favorite models this month are no exception. From a tranquil bamboo forest to an ornately decorated palace and cute children’s bedroom, these TurboSquid contributing artists have given you a head-start to setting your world building in motion.

So, let’s explore together! Here are some of our favorite models this month that we knew we needed to share.

Japanese Bamboo Path | Giovaniv

Prolong that moment of zen with your own Japanese bamboo forest loaded with models such as a Torii Gate, a wooden bench, lanterns, trees, and more.

Royal Entrance Lobby | GoldSmooth

The royal entrance appears warm and inviting, but we can see how a little altered lighting could make it the perfect location for a suspenseful murder mystery.

Children’s Bedroom | CG_Oner

Start off using this photorealistic bedroom model before making it look more lived in. Or keep it as it is for a tidy archviz scene.

3D Classroom | PB Models

Built to real-life scale and featuring 24 materials like binders and chalkboards, this classroom is a great place to begin your back-to-school planning for print publications.

Post-Apocalyptic Builder Collection | Enterables

Use this massive collection of AAA-quality assets for your next post-apocalyptic game, including seamless and tileable textures to easily apply your own customized designs.

Want a chance for your models to be featured on the blog? Drop us a line at marketing@turbosquid.com with a link to your collection.