A 3D candy shop by Noobsabot.

Staff Picks: Our Favorite 3D Models of the Month

Larissa Mori Featured Artists, Featured Models

Whether you’re developing a game, making a festive animation, or even working on immersive content, our ready-made 3D assets have you covered. Created by TurboSquid’s talented contributing artists, each asset is ready to drag and drop straight into your project ⁠— so you can spend less time modeling and more time telling your story.

To inspire you with the possibilities, we’ve rounded up our favorite 3D assets found on the marketplace in December below. Read on to discover them today!

Showcase Candy Shop | Noobsabot

A 3D candy shop by Noobsabot, one of our favorite 3D models.
This festive confectionery shop window will sweeten any seasonal scene you’re working on, not to mention save you hours of texturing.

Snow Land | La Fleur Studio

A 3D snow mountain by La Fleur Studio, one of our favorite 3D models.
This detailed two-and-a-half mile landscape comes with diffuse, normal, and height maps, meaning you can build an arctic environment in snow time.

Snow Landscape | Mohammed Sufwan Ahmed

A 3D snow lake by Mohammed Sufwan Ahmed, one of our favorite 3D models.
This snow-covered environment comes ready-made with weather, atmosphere, vegetation, terrain, and water for anyone working in Blender.

Winter Clothing Collection | Nice Pictures

A 3D collection of winter clothing by Nice Pictures, one of our favorite 3D models.
Get your character creation process wrapped up with these production-ready men and women’s outfits.

Christmas Tree | Aviato3D

A 3D Christmas tree by Aviato3D, one of our favorite 3D models.
Spruce things up with this realistic Christmas tree model, which comes as a 3ds Max, obj, and mtl file.

Christmas Lights | Slavku

A 3D Christmas light set by Slavku, one of our favorite 3D models.
Make your wintery environments shine with this set of customizable lights, which reaches up to 98 feet in length.

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