Forest 3D model by coreray.

Staff Picks: Our Favorite 3D Models of the Month

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Whether you’re making a film, perfecting your arch-viz, or even building a metaverse, our ready-made 3D assets have you covered. Created by TurboSquid’s talented contributing artists, each asset is ready to drag and drop straight into your project ⁠— so you can spend less time modeling and more time telling your story.

To inspire you with the possibilities, we’ve rounded up our favorite 3D assets uploaded to the marketplace over the last month below. Read on to discover them today!

3D Forest | coreray

Our favorite 3D model from the collection of coreray: a 3D forest.
Take a walk on the wild side with this fully functional Unreal Engine 5 scene. Just remember that you’ll need an RTX GPU for this artistic adventure.

3D Bowling Pins with Pinsetter | maqyko

Our favorite 3D model from the collection of Maqyko: 3D Bowling Pins
We’re bowled over by the detail on these high-poly bowling pins, which are modeled to real-world scale with a studio lighting setup included.

London National Gallery – Room 9 | emodels3d

Our favorite 3D model from the collection of emodels3d: a 3D museum.
Create a 3D environment worth preserving with this true-to-scale, fully textured, and easily customizable recreation of the famous gallery.

3D Rock Cluster | WhiteCrow3D

Our favorite 3D model from the collection of WhiteCrow3D: a 3D rock cluster.
This 20-meter-high rock formation will make for a solid addition to your 3D environment, whether it’s a coastal landscape, mountain terrain, or anything in between.

British Pub Interior 3D | Wondra

Our favorite 3D model from the collection of Wondra: a 3D British pub.
Raise a glass to the craftsmanship behind this lifelike environment. Render it in Blender Cycles and use it as a background or for close-up shots.

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