Interior of a building with Shutterstock banners on the wall promoting the 3D installation at Cannes Lions Festival

Turn Yourself Into an NFT! Join Shutterstock at Cannes Lions

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Ever wonder what you’d look like as an NFT? Now’s your chance to find out! Come see us at this year’s Cannes Lions for the chance to get your picture taken by celebrity photographer David Fisher—then see it turned into a brand new NFT to take home after the show.

You’ll also be able to explore Shutterstock’s 3D marketplace, learn about our custom 3D capabilities, attend talks on the future of the metaverse, sample complimentary cocktails, and much more. Read on below for a taste of what we’ve got going on at the festival.

Attendees of the Cannes Lions Festival going up stairs with "Shutterstock #DefyDimensions" printed on the stairs.
Cover image via David Fisher

Event Highlights

Get an Exclusive Portrait from a Celebrity Photographer
Get your portrait taken by world renowned photographer David Fisher, who has photographed celebrities including Scarlett Johansson, Jennifer Hudson, Charlize Theron, Zac Efron, and Chris Hemsworth. Portraits taken during the Press Preview hours can be minted into NFTs for a personal keepsake of the festival.

Monday Press Preview Hours: 2:00–5:00pm
Tuesday–Thursday Hours: 10:00am–11:30am, 2:00–5:00pm, 5:00pm–6:30pm

Experience a Futuristic Installation
Step inside a new dimension as you enter Shutterstock’s larger-than-life animated 3D portal entrance. Inside, you’ll see an exhibit full of interactive AR experiences and custom 3D effects that you can unlock using your phone.

Monday–Thursday Hours: All Day

Explore the World’s Premier 3D Marketplace
Are you ready for the metaverse era? Sample our library of one million ready-to-use 3D stock models, which will help you build any immersive experience you can imagine—fast

Monday–Thursday Hours: All Day

Catch Up at Cocktail Hour
Unwind with a drink at our daily Cotton Cannes-dy & Cocktails events. If you miss them, don’t worry! Complimentary food and beverages will also be available throughout the day.

Tuesday–Thursday Hours: 5:00–6:30pm

Panelists speaking at Cannes Lions Festival. Dade Orgeron, Vice President of 3D Innovation, Shutterstock/TurboSquid, Cassandra Napoli, Senior Stretegist, WGSN, Jimmy Stone, Vice President, Head of Creative for North America, Meta and Aiden Darne, Vice President, Shutterstock Studios - Defying Dimensions: Virtual Production and the 3D Future panel
Image via David Fisher

Shutterstock Talks

Kick Off Keynote and Welcome Reception
Shutterstock’s Chief Revenue Officer Jamie Elden kicks Cannes Lions off with a talk on the evolution of Shutterstock– the world’s largest 3D, creative, and production marketplace.

Monday 5:00–6:30pm

Defying Dimensions: Virtual Production and the 3D Future
How are creatives using 3D technologies today? And how can they cater to clients who not only want to explore the metaverse, but a 3D future? Find out in this talk featuring VP, Head of Global Production, Shutterstock Studios Aiden Darné and VP of 3D Innovation at Shutterstock, Dade Orgeron.

Tuesday 1:00–1:30pm

Defying Limitations: Ensuring Diversity and Equity in the Metaverse
Social media has reshaped life for people around the globe, and the metaverse takes this one step further. Join Chief Product Officer at Shutterstock Meghan Schoen and Shutterstock CMO Jason McClelland to learn how we can make these realities more representative of the world around us through diversity and inclusion.

Wednesday 1:00–1:30pm

Defying Ambiguity: Demystifying NFTs and the Metaverse
The list of industry jargon grows longer everyday. Learn to navigate the terminology and the technology and set up your brand for success in the metaverse in this talk from VP of 3D Innovation at Shutterstock Dade Orgeron and VP, 3D Strategy and Operations, Shutterstock, Paul Teall.

Thursday 1:00–1:30pm

3D Innovation displayed on a Cannes Lions Festival structure.
Image via David Fisher

Times and Location

  • Location: Croisette Corner Square Reynaldo Hahn, Boulevard de La Croisette, 06400 Cannes; across from the Majestic Hotel
  • Press Preview Hours: Monday, June 20; 11:00 am – 1:00 pm
  • Hours of Operation: Monday, June 20 – Thursday, June 23; 10:00 am – 6:30 pm

**Private press tours are available by appointment**

To attend Shutterstock’s Cannes Lions events, please contact Annelise Hackett at