Thousands of Professional 3D Models Now Available Directly Within NVIDIA Omniverse

Paul Teall Site

The process of bringing virtual worlds to life just got much easier. During NVIDIA’s latest GTC, a global AI conference, Shutterstock announced that over 7,200 of TurboSquid’s 3D models are now live and available for use directly within the NVIDIA Omniverse platform for 3D design collaboration and world simulation. With this public launch, first previewed at CES earlier this year, creators can now browse, search and select from thousands of “Omniverse-ready” 3D objects directly within Omniverse Apps. This launch streamlines creator workflows while greatly expanding creative possibilities for creating and connecting virtual worlds. The launch also establishes a new revenue opportunity for Shutterstock contributors. 

TurboSquid’s vast library of Omniverse-ready 3D objects are available to creators across NVIDIA Omniverse Apps. Users can simply search, drag and drop from thousands of Omniverse-ready 3D assets. NVIDIA Omniverse has been downloaded by over 140,000 individual creators, and provides a flexible platform for rapid iteration in virtual worlds. Now, creators will have direct access to objects to help them populate virtual worlds with ease. 3D artists and designers will also now have the opportunity to be compensated for their efforts via this new, expanded customer base. 

All of these Omniverse-ready 3D models are based on Pixar’s Universal Scene Description (USD) format. To date, non-universal standards for 3D models have been a limiting factor in their growth. To address this challenge, TurboSquid, which was acquired in 2021 by Shutterstock, has pioneered a 3D modeling standard called StemCell, which can be automatically converted into the most widely used 3D model formats, including USD and glTF. StemCell’s technology will make it easy for TurboSquid contributors to submit Omniverse-compatible models instead of wasting time on complex conversions.

By making 3D content as easy to work with as 2D images, TurboSquid’s conversion automation approach removes friction from creating in Omniverse and other environments. Check out the library of 7,000 Omniverse-compatible models and start using them today.