TurboSquid Modelers On the Rise

Kate Voisin 3D Modeling, Artists, Featured Artists

The TurboSquid catalog and artist community grows larger every day. This week, we’re featuring a few newer artists who have made a splash on TurboSquid in the past year with high quality model libraries. Be sure to keep your eye on these rising TurboSquid modelers who specialize in three distinct product types that make them stand out!

Amazing Anatomy with BluebrainFX

TurboSquid modeler Bluebrainfx specializes in human anatomy, from rigged full-body anatomical models to individual organs and even follicles of hair.

Brain 3D Model by BluebrainFX
Human Brain by BluebrainFX
Human Internal Organs by BluebrainFX

Living Spaces By cgitem

Cgitem has a varied catalog, but has been on a roll lately with a series of realistic apartment building exteriors. With several well-earned CheckMate Lite badges in their catalog, cgitem’s models are quality assured.

Fashionable Modeling By Maya1992

Maya1992’s catalog is well stocked with a growing collection of 3D clothing options, with a particular flair for womenswear.

Dress 3D Model by Maya1992
Dress Cloth by Maya1992
Sport Suit 3D model by Maya1992
Sport Suit by Maya1992