NEW: Kraken Pro for Studios & Agencies

Kate Voisin Company, Industry News

The Kraken team is excited to announce the arrival of Kraken Pro, a new, off-the-shelf version of our 3D asset management platform, streamlined for studios and agencies.

Kraken Pro uses our new AI-powered sorting technology to automatically handle the entire setup process for teams that don’t know where to begin. We use the same technology that we use to organize our own marketplace library of over 800,000 models, and getting started is a snap. Just provide access to your models via hard drive or cloud, and our automated tools will generate categories, keywords, metadata, and preview renders during import. We currently support our customers’ most-used apps like 3ds Max and Maya, with support for Cinema 4D and additional formats coming soon.

While major companies and retailers are already taking advantage of Kraken’s enterprise offerings, Kraken Pro is designed for quick, easy uploading and priced on a per-model basis with available volume discounts.

We’ve been working with our friends at Neoscape, one of the most innovative creative agencies in the Archviz space, as an early adopter of Kraken Pro. Check out what they had to say about getting started:

“We handed them terabytes of models and they came back to us magically tagged, organized, and categorized, with metadata and clean thumbnails,” said Carlos Cristerna, Neoscape Principal and RadLab director. “Our 3D artists don’t have time to worry about being librarians, they need to find content quickly. Kraken will help us do that.”

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