Why You Should Look for CheckMate Models on TurboSquid

DeLonna Scott 3D Modeling, CheckMate

In 2011, TurboSquid created the CheckMate standard, the 3D industry’s original quality specification, with help from major brands like IKEA, Electronic Arts, Weta Digital, and more. These models are not only exclusive to TurboSquid, they’re also rigorously tested by our Checkmate Inspectors to make sure the models meet the needs of a constantly evolving 3D industry. If you’re not using CheckMate models already, here’s what you’re missing out on:

Hand-Inspected Models
Once the model is published, it begins the CheckMate inspection process, where the TurboSquid Inspector team reviews both the 3D model and its on-site description, which shows our customers exactly how the model will render and what’s inside. Once a model passes its rigorous testing phase, it earns a CheckMate Pro (blue) or Lite (silver) badge.

Production-Level Quality
We equate CheckMate with production-level quality. If your project calls for top quality work, CheckMate models can make your pipeline run a lot smoother.

Expansive Selection
You are sure to find what you’re looking for in TurboSquid’s exclusive collection of more than 78,000 CheckMate Pro and CheckMate Lite models. CheckMate search filters help you find what you need even faster. Just use the Quality Level dropdown on the model search page and select either CheckMate Pro or CheckMate Pro & Lite option.

Only on TurboSquid
CheckMate models are created by some of those talented 3D artists on the planet, and are available exclusively on TurboSquid.

See for yourself how CheckMate saves time and fits right into your pipeline.

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