StemCell now supports OBJ and FBX formats

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StemCell, TurboSquid’s 3D model standardization solution, just received a huge update! This week we added support for OBJ and FBX (metallic and specular configurations included), two of the most popular exchange formats.

Now, in combination with our gITF support announcement earlier this summer, each new StemCell model will have FBX, OBJ, and gITF formats included. Each of these exchange formats will open in all of the major DCC and game engine applications.

We are starting with all new StemCell models, and we plan on adding these formats to the StemCell back catalog in the coming months.

Our goal for StemCell is for customers to feel like they are working with a native file, no matter what app they use. Our vision is that buying a 3D model will be as reliable as buying a stock photo – it should just work. This update brings us a great deal closer to reaching this vision.

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