Speed Up Your Purchase With Express Checkout

Paul Teall Company, Customers, Site

We’ve just released a feature that has been long requested by many of our most frequent customers: Express Checkout. This feature is designed with our power users in mind. You can now save a default purchasing method from within your Cart, and then use that payment method to quickly purchase individual models directly from the product page. This means that if you’re in a hurry and just need a single model, you can hit the Buy Now button on that product’s page, confirm your purchase, and immediately begin your download.

Cart options for express checkout

We know every second counts when you’re working on a deadline. We’re excited to get this highly requested feature out and help all of you speed up the process of buying and downloading models from TurboSquid!

To save your Express Checkout payment information, make sure you have these boxes checked next time you make a purchase (PayPal will also work):

Payment info for express checkout