StemCell Program Launched to TurboSquid Artist Community

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New Orleans, January 12th, 2018 — TurboSquid, the world’s largest 3D marketplace, announced this week that its StemCell model standardization program launched to its massive community of 3D artists. The StemCell initiative greatly simplifies the process of building, buying, and using 3D models.

The differences across 3D modeling apps, file formats, and rendering engines make it difficult to develop large-scale libraries of portable content. TurboSquid considers itself in a unique position to tackle this problem in a comprehensive way. “We’re app and format agnostic,” explained Matt Wisdom, TurboSquid’s Co-Founder and CEO. “We have customers who use all types of 3D formats, and they ultimately just want the model they purchase to work without issues in the app that they like using.” 3D artists can now focus on building models in the apps where they’re most comfortable, and let TurboSquid deliver automated conversions to the industry’s most popular formats.

StemCell currently allows artists to submit models built in:

  • 3ds Max with V-Ray or Mental Ray
  • Maya with V-Ray or Mental Ray
  • Cinema 4D with Physical Render

And receive conversions in these formats:

  • Max with V-Ray and Mental Ray
  • Maya with V-Ray and Mental Ray
  • Cinema 4D with Physical Render
  • Unity
  • Unreal

This focus on standardization through StemCell has attracted interest and input from major players in the 3D space. TurboSquid has assembled a StemCell Council that features representatives from companies like Adobe, Microsoft, Amazon, Autodesk, Unity, Epic Games, and many more. Members of the StemCell Council helped TurboSquid craft a spec that covered a comprehensive range of 3D industry requirements.

The demand for 3D is exploding and major companies around the world are hurrying to give their customers new ways to interact with their products and brands in 3D through VR, AR, or online experiences. Those experiences require 3D content that’s ready-to-use, and TurboSquid is ensuring its global network of artists can deliver an expansive library of standardized StemCell models to content-hungry companies everywhere. TurboSquid will focus on rapidly training up its community of artists to build to the StemCell spec, and will be adding support for additional formats in 2018.

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