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Meet the Judges for Our Lost At Sea Contest!

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As the deadline for submitting to the Lost at Sea 3D art contest is drawing nearer, we wanted to introduce you to our panel of judges! We’re lucky to have several 3D industry luminaries participating in the judging, as well as some of our own talented Squids.

Jeremie Noguer
Product Manager, Substance Painter at Allegorithmic

Jeremie Noguer of Allegorithmic

After graduating in Computer Science and Computer Graphics, Jeremie joined Allegorithmic in 2006 as a Technical Artist. He has since moved to Los Angeles, California and acts as the main interface between studios in North America and Allegorithmic’s development teams, and he is now the Product Manager for Allegorithmic’s latest and most successful tool, Substance Painter.

Lon Grohs
CCO of Chaos Group, Founder of Chaos Group Labs

Lon Grohs of Chaos Group

Visualization futurist and award-winning artist, Lon Grohs oversees customer strategy as CCO and is founder of Chaos Group Labs — a collaborative research and development hub, exploring the next generation of rendering technology and virtual reality.

A lifetime advocate of the art and science of architectural visualization, Grohs currently serves as the Vice President of the American Society of Architectural Illustrators.

Benjamin Bickle
3D & Tech Artist for Due Process at Giant Enemy Crab

Benjamin Bickle of Giant Enemy Crab

Ben is a Technical Artist working at Giant Enemy Crab on a game called Due Process. He is a Computer Engineering graduate of Louisiana State University, and has been making art for game engines since GoldSource. He’s contributed research on an art pipeline work for just about every real-time engine on the market today. In addition to game development, Ben has also worked with VR, AR, and other MR tech during his time as a real-time specialist at TurboSquid.

Bob Martin
Technical Artist at PixelSquid

Bob Martin of PixelSquid

Technical Artist and Penn alum, Bob Martin works on asset development for PixelSquid, helping artists meet modern technical standards and directly improving assets to make them more versatile products for customers. Bob has worked in a variety of fields from Convention Management and Game Development to Optics Manufacturing and Archeological Visualization.

Paul Chambers
Artist Evangelist, Communications at Sketchfab

Paul Chambers of Sketchfab

Named one of 2016’s 100 most influential CG artists in 3D Artist Magazine, Paul leads Artist Evangelism and communications at Sketchfab. Following a successful career in advertising, Paul has worked in a wide variety of graphics fields from marketing to video games and VR. In addition to his work at Sketchfab, Paul provides modeling and shading support for VFX studios and tutors 3D production.

Dade Orgeron
VP of Creative Technology at TurboSquid/PixelSquid

Dade Orgeron of TurboSquid and PixelSquid

Dade Orgeron is a 3D designer & art director with over 20 years of experience creating intricate and compelling visuals. He has maintained an award-winning career in high end advertising and title design for film and television and has worked on numerous campaigns for Honda, Microsoft, Autodesk, Verizon, HBO, FOX Sports, NASCAR, Nickelodeon and more. Now as VP of Creative Technology for TurboSquid, he is using his experience of being a self-taught 3D designer to help train thousands of 3D artists around the world. His deep understanding of both 3D design and 3D technology trends is helping TurboSquid create a new paradigm for offering curated 3D content that can be used by everyone.

Beau Perschall
Vice President of Business Development and CheckMate Evangelist at TurboSquid

Beau Perschall of TurboSquid

A 3D animation industry veteran and respected development professional with a long track record of delivering high-quality tools, service and support on his partners’ behalf.

Has maintained solid relationships with the major players in the 3D arena including Autodesk, Adobe, Maxon, The Foundry, Newtek, nVidia, AMD, Chaos Group, Digital Tutors, Lynda.com and cgSociety among many others. Is a member of the Advisory Board for the cgSociety team and LSU Digital Media Masters Degree Program Advisory Council.

If you need further inspiration, feel free to take a look at some of these great WIP shots, and share your images with us on Twitter (@TurboSquid) using the hashtag #LostAtSea3D.