Artist Guest Post: GoldSmooth

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When it comes to ornate and intricate 3D modeling, one of our favorite artists is Walid Layouni, also known on TurboSquid as GoldSmooth. His collection is loaded with lavishly designed furniture and interiors. His latest creation is a detailed replica of the auditorium within the Opera Garnier Of Paris – La Salle, and he has put together a step-by-step guide showing his process for building the model.

Achieve this look by selecting the VRay Camera and activating fish eye in the Render Setup in 3ds Max 2017 with V-Ray 3.6.

Opera Garnier Auditorium by GoldSmooth

You can follow along with the entire modeling process of the auditorium in Walid’s Making of Opera Garnier of Paris album. The model is listed for sale and is currently the only model of its kind on TurboSquid.

Opera Garnier Auditorium Seats

In the first two slides of Walid’s album, the importance of starting a project correctly is made clear. Having a strong foundation built on documentation, scale, and dimension can help bring your 3D model to the next level.

  • Opera Garnier Documentation

    Waild uses multiple sources of research including maps, technical drawings, and photographs.

  • Opera Garnier Scale and Dimensions

    Using AutoCAD, Walid is able to make sure he is modeling to the right scale.

Section 3 begins the modeling process. Walid shows the construction of nearly every element of the scene, from arches and columns, to the chandelier and chairs.

  • Opera Garnier Ceiling

    Intricate details created for the ceiling of the theater.

  • Opera Garnier Chandelier

    Creation of the chandelier from a reference photo.

  • Opera Garnier Chairs

    Chair construction from a reference photo.

The last segments of the album provide a detailed insight to the materials and lighting of the scene. These steps ensure that the final rendered image is a realistic as possible.

  • Opera Garnier Material Editor

    The setup for the Damaskus Wallpaper and Wine Velvet materials in the Material Editor of 3ds Max 2017.

  • Opera Garnier Lighting

    The lighting setup for several of the lights in the scene including the ambient, chandelier, and projector lights.

It’s definitely worth checking out the entire making-of album, and when you’re done with that, have a look at Walid Layouni’s TurboSquid collection under his artist name GoldSmooth. You can visit his personal website as well as his Facebook page.

If you’re an artist and you’d like to show off your WIPs or other behind-the-scenes glimpses into your modeling process, we’d love to hear about it. Feel free to drop me a line or post on the forum.